OURS National Scholarships

Anthony Benjamin : Boren Scholarship

“Anthony Benjamin, from Woodstock, IL, is a sophomore midshipman studying Chemistry and Russian at the University of California, Berkeley. As a future naval officer, Anthony is committed to developing a diverse professional and educational background to serve the United States dynamic national security needs. As a chemist, Anthony believes if one cannot effectively communicate or understand the implications of their work, then their expertise is useless and potentially dangerous to the world.

Anthony is an intern for UC Berkeleys Nuclear Policy Work Group under Dr. Bethany Goldblum where he leads collaborative, interdisciplinary efforts to publish policy-relevant articles on nuclear security and the strategic effects of emerging technology. Under Prof. Richard Saykally, Anthony is investigating first-generation star formation mechanisms. In an effort to reduce trends towards individualized research and to present an alternate undergraduate learning experience, Anthony cofounded Arceaux Research, a lab-orientated think tank with weekly literature presentations. Current Arceaux work is focused on developing gene-edited plants capable of heavy metal detection with differentiation for uranium.”