OURS National Scholarships

Anthony Neil Tan : Strauss Scholarship

Anthony Neil Tan is a budding bioengineer and a maker education advocate. As a second-year Bioengineering undergraduate at UC Berkeley, he’s pursuing his passion for agricultural technologies through NASA’s Growing Beyond Earth contest and exploring his interest in alternative protein through interning at New Age Meats. In his free time, he leads Maker Hub Club, a nonprofit program focused on supporting communities of student makers in secondary schools across the U.S. Maker Hub Club is the program Anthony wishes he had in high school. In May 2019, the program received the Honors GradU “Design A Better Future” grant, which funded various maker workshops and countless student projects over the past two years. With the Strauss award, Anthony aims to expand the program so it can reach many more students from underserved locations. Anthony attributes the program’s success to the collective progress made by the team, especially amidst the pandemic. He enjoys chatting with others and encourages anyone interested in his work to reach out on LinkedIn.