OURS National Scholarships

Zeliang Cai

Zeliang Cai (Economics, ’22), an international student from China, is passionate about finance, particularly welfare foundation and venture capital investment. As an undergraduate, he helped redesign an investment portfolio at a welfare foundation in China, for which he received the 2020 Project HOPE Outstanding Contribution Award. Zeliang also served as research team captain for Cal’s Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics and was the portfolio manager of a student start-up that supports college entrepreneurs and has more than $1 million assets and 70 members from universities around the […]

Jonathan Kuo

Jonathan Kuo (Rhetoric & Molecular and Cell Biology, ’22) will spend his year in the UK at the University of Manchester. Having done undergraduate research in the history of medicine, the university’s Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine is a particular draw for him. Jonathan served as editor-in-chief of the Berkeley Scientific Journal (BSJ) and co-president of the California Health Professional Student Alliance (CaHPSA) at Berkeley.

Mrunali Manjrekar

Mrunali Manjrekar (Bioengineering/EECS, ’23) is interested in the exciting research being conducted at the intersection of applied engineering biology and computer science working, in order words, at both the benchtop and the desktop. She plans to pursue a PhD in Computational Biology and credits UC Berkeley’s amazing “landscape of opportunity” for providing the resources and opportunities to pursue her interests. She has worked in the Nielsen lab, seeking genetic markers to explain how a particular kind of frog is able to live at high altitudes in the Andes and is […]

Anjali Kantharuban

Anjali Kantharuban (Computer Science and Linguistics, ’22) will pursue her interest in natural language processing (NLP) and language revitalization at Cambridge by conducting research in Dr. Anna Korhonen’s Language Technology Laboratory. Dr. Korhonen is a key player in the small community of scholars working in the emerging field of natural language processing for low-resource linguistic dialects, so Anjali is honored to be pursuing her M.Phil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics under her mentorship.

Ransom Miller

Ransom Miller (Global Studies, ’24) is headed to Tainan, Taiwan to study Mandarin. A sophomore, Ransom fit two years of Chinese into his freshman year at Cal and the following summer, qualifying him to apply for this particular CLS program. He plans to become a foreign service officer in the U.S. State Department and use his language skills throughout his career.

Kristie Moore

Kristie Moore (Global Studies, ’25) will continue her Russian studies in the CLS program in Bishkek, Kyrgystan this summer. Kristie, a freshman from Southern California, studied Russian in Moscow in 2019 through NSLI-Y, the U.S. State Department’s overseas language program for high school students, for which Kristie serves as an alumni representative. She hopes to study East European Studies/Russian in graduate school and possibly pursue a stateside career in the State Department.

Maurice Ruttimann

Maurice Ruttimann (Interdisciplinary Studies, ’22) will spend the summer studying advanced Turkish in Ankara. He is now in his second semester of Turkish Poetry and Literature at Cal. To build on his linguistic skills and extend his time abroad in Turkey, Maurice has secured funding support from UC Berkeley’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies to take courses on international trade at Boazii University in Istanbul in Fall 2022.