OURS National Scholarships

National Scholarship Recipients

Anjali Kantharuban 2022-2023

Anjali Kantharuban (Computer Science and Linguistics, ’22) will pursue her interest in natural language processing (NLP) and language revitalization at Cambridge by conducting research in Dr. Anna Korhonen’s Language Technology Laboratory. Dr. Korhonen is a key player in the small community of scholars working in the emerging field of natural language processing for low-resource linguistic dialects, so Anjali is honored to be pursuing her M.Phil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics under her mentorship.

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Freja Ekman 2018-2019

Freja Ekman will graduate from U.C. Berkeley in spring 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Biology. Growing up with a close friend with autism, Freja witnessed firsthand the bullying that many people with disabilities experience. This sparked her passion for both genome engineering research and disability advocacy. During her undergraduate studies at Berkeley, her interests further grew as she helped develop CRISPR-Cas9-based gene therapy to treat Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in vivo. However, there currently exists a large disconnect between the development of novel gene therapies in academic […]

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Vineet Nair 2018-2019

Vineet will graduate from UC Berkeley in Spring 2018 with simultaneousdegrees in Mechanical Engineering and Economics and a minor in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences.Although born in India, he spent most of his life in Bahrain and Dubai. This made him aware of the inequalities between oil-rich regions like the Middle East and resource-constrained developing nations, in energy security and access to clean technologies. Thus, he developed a passion for solvingcomplex, multifaceted issues surroundingenergy and environmental sustainability. By engaging in diverse activities ranging from honors research to environmental consulting, he […]

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Margaret Comer 2014-2015

Margaret graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 2012 with a B.A. in Anthropology. Shethen went on to study for an MPhil at Cambridge and has been recently awarded the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, to pursue a Ph.D. In her own words, “As a child of archaeologists, I was surrounded by material culture and immaterial pasts, but I was also fascinated by politics from an early age. While studying abroad in Moscow and Copenhagen, I became intrigued by uses (and abuses) of the material past in the service of nationalism, which led to […]

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Ritankar Das 2014-2015

Ritankar Das graduated as the University Medalist in 2013, with a double major in Bioengineering and Chemical Biology. Ritankar received an MSc in biomedical engineering is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Cambridge as a Gates Scholar. He plans to perform bio-molecular research to find new energy sources at a national research lab after complete the degree. In addition to winning the 2013 Gates-Cambridge Scholarship and Goldwater Scholarship, Ritankar has received numerous other honors, including the National Science Foundation GCI Award, the American Chemical Society National Meeting Award, and […]

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Justin Park 2013-2014

Allison Greggor 2012-2013

Albert Kim 2012-2013

Alexandra Reider 2012-2013

Pedro Spivakovsky Gonzales 2012-2013

Katherine Wong 2004-2005

Aidan Craig 2003-2004

Simon Grote 2003-2004

Katherine Marvel 2003-2004

Rachel Giraudo 2001-2002

Hunter Keith 2001-2002

Hoai Pham 2001-2002