OURS National Scholarships

National Scholarship Recipients

Varsha Sarveshwar 2022-2023

Varsha Sarveshwar (’20) majored in Political Science, with minors in Public Policy and History. Since graduation, she has worked as a Public Service Fellow and then as Executive Assistant for Cabinet Affairs in the office of California Governor Gavin Newsom. While at Berkeley, she was president of the ASUC and the Cal Berkeley Democrats. Varsha is deeply interested in educational policy as it relates to equity and access. At Oxford, she plans to do the MSc in Comparative Social Policy and the Masters in Public Policy.

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Namrata Ramesh 2020-2021

Namrata is a senior at the University of California, Berkeley, pursuing a Physics (Honors) degree. Her senior thesis, supervised by Professor Naomi Ginsberg, involves understanding the dynamics of self assembly of gold nanocrystal superlattices using optical and x-ray scattering techniques. She has also worked on studying the trajectories of electrons in manganese doped halide perovskites using Monte Carlo simulations. At Oxford, she hopes to continue investigating the origins of intriguing phenomena in promising photovoltaic materials by being at the interface of experimental and computational physics. Namrata is also very passionate […]

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Zarko Perovic 2014-2015

Zarko Perovic grew up in Serbia and graduated from UC Berkeley, among the top five students in his class. His primary passion, which he developed in his childhood, is preventing war crimes. At the UC Berkeley War Crimes Studies Center, Zarko helped create the Virtual Tribunala project that synthesized the court proceedings of the Cambodia Tribunal for the benefit of victims of the Cambodian Genocide. After graduating, he worked at the Office of Global Criminal Justice at the U.S. State Department as a John Gardner Fellow, where he helped with […]

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Daniel Price 2013-2014

Asya Passinsky 2008-2009

Ankur Luthra 2002-2003

Rea Kazemi Gandjei 1990-1991

Tom Malinowski 1988-1989

Michele deCoteau 1987-1988

Adiambo Odaga 1986-1987

Lee Coldren 1964-1965

David M. Heilbron 1958-1959

Donald Glusker 1951-1952

John H. Richards 1951-1952

David S. Shwayder 1948-1949

Bruce Waybur 1937-1938

Franklin M. Brown 1936-1937

Turner McBaine 1932-1933

Joseph C. Hickenbotham 1931-1932

Alfred J. Orselli 1928-1929

John Whipple Olmstead 1925-1926

J. L. Merrill 1924-1925

Richard Scofield 1921-1922

William R. Dennes 1919-1920

Axel B. Gravem 1918-1919

F. D. Stephens 1913-1914

Farnham P. Griffiths 1907-1908

W. C. Crittenden 1904-1905